How human evolution have Eaten up our Environment

21st century, the era that changed the way we have ever seen the growth in industrialization, technology advancement or overall modernization. We are moving at a pace that even we cannot keep pace with. Everything has a price, even modernization has a price than we have paid in the form of our environment, but the question comes is it worth it?

We see around us Buildings, Metros and everything we could have imagined ten or fifteen years ago but something is missing that we used to have at that time, that is the greenery around us.  There shall always be a parallel relation between environment and growth, they shall always move at the same pace. But unfortunately, this has not been the case we have witnessed. We listen about the importance of the environment; we study it, sometimes we also feel about it but after a span of time we move on in our lives because it used to not have any direct effect on our lives. 

But everything has a limit that shall never be crossed, we became so intoxicated by the idea of growth that we have crossed the limit that nature had. Be it pollution, be it floods, be it land sliding in the mountains, we are feeling the effect of crossing the limit of nature. It's not that we are not doing anything, but is it sufficient enough to cope with the difference that we have made our self.

Going by the data to understand what the real problem of growth without environmental ethics is, going by the Greenpeace India report, there was a 13% rise in pollution in India between 2010 to 2015. This data may not fell be terrifying to the eye of many people but its effect will sure have an impact on us, as per the report of WHO 2 million Indians die premature deaths due to air pollution. And it is not just air pollution that is affecting us, flood levels have also been doubled in the last decade. Many villages, cities have been drowned causing not only monetary loss but also the lives of thousands. There are many other impacts like Global warming, loss of habitat, etc.

It's not all negative, we are starting to realize our mistakes, all the lies we were surrounded by, our take on development with keeping environmental ethics in mind. But the question still remains is the rate of our growth in sectors like industries and technology is the same as the level of our efforts towards the environment. 

There is a basic principle to environmental ethics that every resource is provided by our society and in return, society demands your service towards it and if you are not able to provide services to society, it will adjourn you from using its resources. In the end, it is not worth development if the cost is our environment, we can only use the word growth only if nature and modernization move in a parallel way.

There are many companies working on sustainability and providing eco-friendly product and services, some of them are:-

  • Reverse vending machine

  • Carpooling

  • Hydroponics plants

  • Vertical Farming

There are so many other eco-friendly projects in which people are working on it, there are many entrepreneurs who engage themselves in sustainability projects and spreading awareness towards the environment.


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